Sunday, August 15, 2010

monthly update

Perhaps having the hostess of the party pour vodka directly into my mouth was not the best of moves. Especially in a hot tub. Or maybe it was the pouring of the wine from a box directly into my mouth in the hot tub that was slightly less classier? Whatever the case both were classy fails but awesome times. The weekend was lots of fun. It’s not quite over yet but I’m currently being utterly lazy and it feels overish...rewind.
This past month has been busy.
Friday afterwork drinks with old workmate.
I have to leave fairly early so just half a litre of red, okay?
Hmmm the bottle is only seven bucks more, lets just get it. That’s only about two and a half glasses each.
Hmmm done the bottle, lets just have one more.
Hmmm, it’s nice out. Why don’t we switch the venue and sit on a patio?’
My Friday afterwork drinks with workmate always end with me very tipsy by eight p.m. Gooood times.

Two engagement party’s in one day, both between women who had used to live in my city, and had met guys from Melbourne. Both couples were not living here. One couple had moved away and the other woman had met her finance while living in London. He’s a stockbroker and from what I can tell, is living the life. So apparently have to marry a man from Melbourne if I ever wish to live elsewhere.

Girl’s night with ‘the girlfriends’. Been two in the last month or so. Both times we did dinner then headed out dancing. Good fun. Nice to just go out dancing with the ladies. Missed it!! Drinking and dancing the night away! No hunting for guys, the hook-ups ect. Just enjoying the music and not caring.
Ironically, during the second time we were out, we went to the exact same cultural pavilion that filmmaker and I had been to last year and had made fu n of the whole time and concluded the whole event was kind of lame.These girls loved it. I drank many rum punches and survived.
The other night we were out dancing, we went to the pub afterwards and met up with Scottish friend!! She was in the country a couple of weeks but sadly was spending most of it with her family at their cabin. But we made the most of our time. Dinners at some of my favourite restaurants, (we are both foodies now!) much wine, cava, martinis and good times all around. We went back to our old haunt, where Thursday night girl’s night first started and it was horrible! But we had to go for nostalgia’s sake but we definitely will not be back. The boy got to meet her and we had some pretty late weekday nights and hard mornings. But it was all worth it!! I’m sad she’s gone back but she’s vowed to make trips out a yearly event and I hope she does. I had really missed our girls nights out, conversation, shenanigans and just her friendship in general. She made the city bearable for me when I was doing my classwork.
The boy and I caught several fringe shows and I went and saw one with my mother. The weather was fairly good so much patio drinks were had.
The boy and I have been fairly good about getting up earlyish and heading out to the farmers market on Saturday morning. It’s become a favourite tradition of mine. I love love looking at all the fresh produce and everybody coming together to look. The boy and I usually grab some brunch too. Mmmmh. Plus delicious baked hard to resist it all!!
Continue to do free yoga at the park on Thursdays, the boy’s mother is often there so we have a bit of a chat too. I love doing sun salutations to the sun!! Once this ends I am seriously buying a package so I can do yoga at least once a week. Especially once winter hits, doing a hot yoga session on a Saturday morning would definitely be needed. (as long as I wasn’t out too too late the night before...)
August long went to the lake for an annual tradition with some of the boy’s friend’s. Most of them live out of town but for the past seven or so years they try to get together at one of the friend’s cabin at the lake. Lots of vino, hummus, pita, chocolate fondue (complete with fountain!) the boy’s famous salsa, conversation, laughter, sitting on the beach and swimming. I also got to know some of the boy’s friend’s a bit more intimately. The boy has a variety of friend’s but generally I meet a lot of them at large gatherings and I don’t have an opportunity to get to know these people which can be frustrating, considering several of t hem live outside the province and/or country. So I was able to actually get to know a couple of his friends in one on one conversations and I really enjoyed that. I got up early one morning and went swimming and felt so refreshed after. Made me want to do that every morning! Alas no room for a pool at the house...
Did drinks with a coworker’s boyfriend...good fun. We ended up talking from hours. I have found another person to join my ‘I hate this city and I’m just going to complain about it’ group. We’ve also been doing many caffeine runs. Been so tired lately. Text from a friend one day in the a.m.
‘Who were you walking with down the street? He looked hot!!
Uhhhh that was just workers boyfriend.
Way to ruin the fantasy!!

One weekend the boy and I had both a dinner for his brother’s birthday and a dinner for my sister’s birthday. Luckily on two different nights. But it certainly was a family weekend. So many family events when in a relationship. I’ve always felt like I’ve had to double duty with a lot of my parent’s family in the city but now it’s even more with the boy and his divorced parents. Oh well, it was lobster birthday with the boy’s family and they had ice cream I could actually have. Oh ice cream how I miss you.

Monday and Thursday I played my usual ultimate games. Monday was insanely hot playing in plus thirty degrees with humidity. Survived it somehow. I subbed in on the boy’s team on Wednesday. Nice to play on a team that wins consistently but their team morale sucks and they were very shouty in a negative way. Much prefer my other teams. May play this fall. It’s basically six weeks, playing two nights a week with the same team. Intense, short season, but since my job situation is uncertain and I have yet to pick out a new gym, this may be good for me.
Tuesday was my night, while the boy did his weekly dinner with his brothers. Which is my reading, artsy crafty, wine night in. (if I haven’t made other plans which I generally don’t, kind of nice to have one night a week like that) I try and avoid the computer unless it’s to write. This is me getting caught up on reading and getting more into my creative side.
Before ultimate on Thursday, I had drinks with an old classmate and some others from my programme and I realized how much I missed it. Being in that crowd. Talking about work that I might actually enjoy doing. Not the mindlessness that my job has turned me into. I really want to get back into it. I think I said that months ago but with the whole moving out thing, I tried to hold onto my job as long as possible, doing various jobs, sometimes week to week, which was frustrating but for what I was earning in a familiar environment, when so many people are jobless, well, I wasn’t going to turn that down. But it was my last day on Friday and I think I am okay with that. I can finally focus back on my academics and career. Besides, since last September I have not had seven straight days off work. I really need that.

So yes, enjoyable afterwork wine and when I told old classmate I had to go. He looked at me strangely and said, so you’ve played twice already this week, you did yoga at lunch, you came straight afterwork here to do drinks and now you are headed to ultimate again?! You are busy!! Uhhhh yes? I hadn’t thought I was but according to workmate I apparently am? Don’t think so. I think he’s still in thesis mode where all his free time was dedicated to finishing the damn thing. (which he did damn him) Hopefully we are getting to get together with classmates from our year soon.

Friday was...loooooong.

I had set my alarm for six. In the morning. I had been planning to leave for work by six-thirty, walk there and get a bunch of stuff before everybody came in and the photocopier started up. I woke up at ten to six to a massive thunderstorm. The boy was also woken up and had to run around closing windows. When he got back I poked him and asked for a ride to work...he groaned but agreed. Which meant extra time in bed. Score. Or so I thought. We were leaving the house at ten to seven, I was out of the house, the boy had his hand on the doorknob and he turned to me and said,
I hope you have your keys with you.
Uh no. I left them at work yesterday. Remember I told you that? Ummm why?
I just left all my keys in the house.
So it’s raining and we are locked out of the house. The boy called a cab so we could pick up my keys from work. While waiting I was struck by a horrible horrible stomach ache. My body sometimes reacts to food randomly and I had no idea what set me off this time. All I knew was that I was in pain and I really needed to use the washroom.

Which I could not.
Because we were locked out.
Ten horrible minutes later we get into the cab but not before we literally had to wade through a massive puddle because our street looked like a lake and I lost my flip flop and had to go back for it.

Soaked I demanded the cab driver find me the nearest public restroom. Which turned out to be in the hospital.

We finally get to my work, I grab the keys without any further incident. The boy said a morning like this is why we should never get up this early.

All of this happen before seven-fifteen.

It was going to be a long day.

I posted it on facebook and the boy’s mother simply said,
Friday the 13th
And suddenly it all made sense.

The rest of my Friday turned out to be not that bad. I got everything done and was not rushed for the rest of the day. Plus I got a free green tea lemonade because they made it wrong. Sweet. I live on those things.

Friday evening was good fun. We met up with two of the boy’s friends, a couple who live outside of the city. They are vegan and it was an excellent opportunity to check out the new vegan burger place. Good conversation and excellent food, followed by gelato I could actually eat! (this is why I love eating out with vegans and vegetarians!) Followed by a couple bottles of wine at our house and hilarious stories till one a.m. A lovely night and a good end to a bad start of a day. I really got to know his friend’s better and now that the wife is going to be staying in the city after he leaves (she’s doing an internship and she’s finishing up her phd) I am hoping to get to know her better.

Saturday I was largely indecisive when I got up as we did not bother with the farmers market because we are going away next week. So ended up just walking down the street to one of my favourite reliable places for breakfast. (have I mentioned how much I love this area?!) We grabbed the car and the boy dropped me off at my favourite used bookstore to meet up with workmate. There was an artsy craftsy sale going on and we wanted to check it out. I scored a tardis patch and some lovely homemade creams and lip balms, which listed all the ingredients. More about that later. After we had some tea and cookies. I walked over the library and tried looking for books for my trip but could not find too much. A trip to the bookstore is in my future! I couldn’t find much at the used bookstore either! So wrong! I wanted to spend money! I wanted books to read when I actually have the time!

The boy was still out with a friend when I got back, so I worked on super secret project till he got home. We relaxed a bit then headed over to B’s birthday bbq. Which wasn’t so much outside thanks to the endless amount of rain. I hadn’t seen B or that lot much outside of ultimate so it was an alright evening. Afterwards, around tenish or so, we headed back to our house. Our neighbours, whom are friend’s through the art community with the boy’s aunt, had invited us over for a house party.

And what a party it was.

We got there just as the band they had stuck in the living room was starting up. Awesome music. Have to find out how they spelt the band’s name so I can see them play next time. After we headed outside and talked around the firepit. Drinking wine and watching the antics of our hostess who was hilarious. Our neighbours also have a hottub. Which everybody started going into. Some naked.

The boy and I were eventually persuaded to ‘get in’. As we were able to grab our bathing suits next door, we had no excuses. (not that it mattered to some of the people there)

Next thing I know, I’m crammed in a hottub with some of the city’s most creative people, filmmakers, artists, dj’s...and our hostess is pouring vodka down my throat, then the wine from a box, which our slightly tipsy host, was trying to aim at our mouths...all the while still drinking our regular drinks.

Then it was barbeque time and burgers at like two a.m. The boy left around two thirty or so and I ended up staying close to four and outlasted our hostess. But even when I left there was still a crowd there.

Despite the fact that I knew almost no one there it was an awesome time.

Of course when i got home, not so much. I decided to have a shower because of the whole hot tub naked people thing. After several glasses of water and a sandwich, I felt I had staved off a hangover. Naked in my bathroom, I took a step into my shower and promptly fell over.
Note, being still kind of tipsy, naked and having pools of water around from wet bathing suits, is probably not a good combination.
The boy heard the crash and of course immediately rushed in and couldn’t stop laughing at my undignified position.
My ankle is still sore.

Today I was feeling it a bit and woke up far too early so I’ve been rather lazy. The boy and I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon, snuggled in, having tea, watching movies and eating a baguette.

Oh I have been doing what seems like endless amounts of laundry. Endless.

Tomorrow tea with sister and mother afterwork, heading to the bookstore to stock up on books and packing for my week away! It shall be my first proper vacation since Edmonton last year and my first official vacation with the boy. I might see some friends who have moved out that way and the newest addition to their family and the boy has a friend who is coming out our way to say hi. Really really looking forward to vacation. So last minute too! The boy is working for two and a half days of it, but I love exploring on my own, especially somewhere I have not been before. Plus staying at a nice hotel and the boy is covered by work and he’s flying me out on his airmiles. We are going to be renting a car and doing some hiking and hopefully wine tasting!!
One last random story. So while at the crafty artsy event I got to talking to one of the people selling items. It was all natural girlie lotions and potions, none of which was made from any animal or animal by product and it was all so very delicious smelling. I thought she looked familiar but not being brave I said nothing. Mistake. I also made some inane comment about not being sure about vegan toothpaste. Which sounded stupid as soon as I said it.
So we get to the party last night, go watch the band and I see her. I lean over to the boy and say, that’s her, the woman today at the bookstore. He turns back to me and says, uuuuh, that’s our hostess, our neighbour. Which shows you just how completely clueless and horrible with faces I am. She was sorta really tipsy later on when we were talking and then in the hot tub, so I don’t think she remembered me from earlier that day...I hope.
She did call us the best neighbours ever. I just hope we keep getting invited to their parties and don’t actually have to listen to them from our house. I am down with that. I loved their house so much, filled with artwork...and I’m off. More laundry awaits.


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