Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bits and Bites

It has been awhile. I keep meaning to update and well then I just never do.
Not a full update, just bits and bites that are somewhat organized.

It has been one of the nicest, hottest springs that I can remember after living here most of my life.

Job hunting. Term contract ends soon.
Probably a good thing.
Not in terms of money and trips and summer coming up but in terms of doing actual work and my own mental stability.
Would like something in my field.
If not, may be a good time to focus on my thesis while continuing to job hunt.

The boy and I are thinking about a trip to Europe.
I still dream of South America but he is not too excited.
So tempted if I do not get my job renewed or a new job to just say ‘fuck it’ and head off to South America. Go into debt a bit, whatever. It would be worth it.
Still feeling stuck. Or maybe it’s living in this city that does it to me.
I mean really, moving in with my boyfriend? Isn’t that the opposite of everything I wanted to do in life?
I suppose if there is one thing I’ve learned over the past year, is never judge, as you might wind up in the exact same situation and really you never know.

The Boy
Valentine’s Day was lovely. Dinner at nice bistro and mimosa’s and roses for breakfast.
Have officially spent one entire week at the boy’s, bordering on two.
One reason for this is I am getting extremely lazy about lugging my stuff back and forth.
Don’t really like his house. Not near anything but in general it is in a more central area.
His roommate is super nice.
But arg. House dirty. Both never clean. *sigh* So yes, I end up cleaning up a lot of the time because I do have more free time then the boy.
The boy is buying a house soon for business purposes. Business and living combo in the hippie area of the city.
He wants me to move in.
I am not sure.
Pro and Con list is too long for this entry.
I still like doing laundry at my parents place. Plus I pay rent there. I usually score leftover or things my brother does not want to eat, aka healthy.

Lots and lots of family things times three.
Cousin’s eighth birthday, then it was Passover with his family, then Easter with mine, we still have to do a belated Easter with the other half of his family….
His grandmother’s birthday is coming up and so is my grandparents birthday and mother’s day and my oma’s birthday and then father’s day, where we apparently all have to trek out to the cabin for the weekend.
My mother is not adjusting well to the fact, that we do all have our own lives and that it is not just about the five core family members anymore.
Great Grandmother’s 90th Birthday on the weekend, which involved much family. We all trekked out to a very small town and had the party in the basement of the Catholic Church.
Grandparents decided to embarrass the boy and I and bring the latest clipping of him in the newspaper and show it around to all of the relatives. Apparently am dating a minor city celebrity? Think not.
The boy drove the sister and I out and added in my brother for the way back.
The boy says we regress into children when the three of us are together.
We played our standard road trip games which included the Alphabet game. We had to name Countries and then Cities in North America (which ended up being small towns in my province after we had a fight if small towns counted or not) and movies and t.v shows.
The boy joined in.
We also stopped in to see his relatives in a bigger town, who own a lovely old Victorian home, with all of that beautiful wood panelling. Envious! They gave us alcohol, which was awesome because the family event was dry. ARG. That never happens on the boy’s side. Of course the last time a family member had a cash bar, my dad and his cousin were super classy and snuck in alcohol from their rooms into the reception.

Caught up with one of those people who you know via the internet, or feel like you know each other but in reality you probably haven’t seen each other in like five years. Which was the case in our case.
Which reminds me, I have to facebook her soon…
Tonight is catchup drinks with radio friend. Woot, patio drinks.
Hometown friend went back to Geneva. Was utterly envious. Still doing our weekly tea/wine dates.
Playing on two ultimate teams this year. Both of my friend’s are captains and the boy is on both, Monday and Thursdays.
Am hoping it will keep me very fit.
Brother dear and his girlfriend are on the Monday night team.
All I have heard about for the past month on walks with B at lunch is ultimate and the partys and the practises.
Am currently worried about B for other reasons. I am glad he has a good support network and good friends. He had only told me originally but he finally told his other closest friend.
Hopefully getting out to the cabin in May…
Been doing afterwork Friday drinks with a workmate more often but alas she has left for greener pastures. Booo hiss hiss
One of my favourite bands is playing this weekend! Woot! The boy and I are going as soon as I get tickets!
Had my first patio drink of the season on Easter Monday with B.
Roller Derby was all sorts of awesome.
Wine fest coming up, going with the Boy and four other friends…looking forward to it!! Not happy Australian wines are being featured because since my London days of one pound Australian wine, I have been very much off it.
One couple who is coming along was surprised that it’s all the wine you can drink for three hours. Apparently they had thought it was like the beer festival where you have to buy tickets for each sampling. Uh no. Besides, it’s hard enough to get to all of the booths in one night. Again, I love it because people in my city are super cheap and even the wine snobs will be getting their forty-five bucks worth and not spitting.
Sister and I have promised each other we will go out more often together. Her boyfriend is a band teacher/jazz musician and I’ve got to a couple of gigs of his where he has subbed in.
The boy and I have been enjoying going to a hotel bar on Friday or Saturday and listening to whatever jazz/latino band/player they have on.
The boy and I have also been enjoying various restaurants in the city. We have checked out almost all of the restaurants on our list.
Have discovered a new bistro that we love and is now our backup, when can’t get reservations at nine-thirty on a Friday night so we are going there because we go so often that the chef knows us now.

Physical Activity
I’ve been bad since Easter, not going nearly as much-lots of family stuff interfering
Luckily ultimate starts soon. Two nights a week…arg. Even bought cleats
Hopefully buying a bike this weekend at an auction!
Been going for runs through one of the richest neighbourhoods in the city
I make up stories about rich people and murder for all the houses that have round windows or are dutch colonial in style as that means they are evil
I did a late run around eleven at night and discovered ‘make out point’ for the teenagers in the area and crashed all their private time.
Great deal going on at a hot yoga place. Forty bucks for a month when it is normally 150 as long as it is your first time. I really enjoyed it and so did the boy. But I just can’t afford that much every month. Four months at my uni gym costs less then that!
Might just do karma yoga as it costs less and all the money goes to charity…
Do enjoy yoga. Was doing it through work but couldn’t do it for the new session because of job uncertainty.

Proper entry...soon?

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