Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Neil Gaiman and Tis the Season-I want a Nap

I saw Neil Gaiman again!! Woot woot! Twice now!! Got another picture too! Saw him do a reading! He walked right by me!!! Such an honestly lovely person, signing for hours. I loved his reading and his impression of a bear, which I think is kind of Russian sounding. I now own a hardcopy of Fragile Things signed by him in 2006 and my old copy of Neverwhere, the first thing I ever read of his, that I got while living in London in 2005/2006. Which means a lot to me, because it allowed me to see London in a different way and hey, I was actually living at Earls Court at the time! So it was kinda special to get that copy signed.

Met up with an old friend whom I had not seen since the summer. Neil Gaiman is his favourite author of all time, and he was practically giddy. He was cute. Plus it was his birthday. Also ran into the boy’s roommate and hung out a bit with him and his friends. The boy eventually joined but alas it was too late, Neil himself had already done his reading and I was just waiting around to get my books signed. The boy went above and beyond. He is absolutely stressed right now and really did not have the time to wait around to drive me home but he did…am now giving one of my signed copies to him for Christmas. He is not such a huge fan but none the less a fan.

Other then that, life is hectic. Just bought my first couple of Christmas pressies today. My list is long and has not gotten any shorter. Friday I celebrated Hanukah with the boy and his family (half Jewish) and Saturday helped to organize/bake/create his work party and made yummy mulled wine for it!! Seemed to be a success. Sunday we did wine tasting. A lovely way to spend a fucking cold Sunday. Weekend before that it was his friend’s birthday on Friday then my friend’s on Saturday and well that whole week was insane.

The Wednesday I met up with a friend of Cat’s from Edmonton who was in town for a drink. Then went to my favourite wine bar with radio friend and had a lovely if not kinda tipsy night out. Thursday was the big event where the boy was featured and then the weekend was birthdays…Basically I cannot believe it is Christmas next week and I just kinda want a nap and I haven’t even reported half of it.

Tis the season.

I want to sleep!

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