Sunday, August 15, 2010

monthly update

Perhaps having the hostess of the party pour vodka directly into my mouth was not the best of moves. Especially in a hot tub. Or maybe it was the pouring of the wine from a box directly into my mouth in the hot tub that was slightly less classier? Whatever the case both were classy fails but awesome times. The weekend was lots of fun. It’s not quite over yet but I’m currently being utterly lazy and it feels overish...rewind.
This past month has been busy.
Friday afterwork drinks with old workmate.
I have to leave fairly early so just half a litre of red, okay?
Hmmm the bottle is only seven bucks more, lets just get it. That’s only about two and a half glasses each.
Hmmm done the bottle, lets just have one more.
Hmmm, it’s nice out. Why don’t we switch the venue and sit on a patio?’
My Friday afterwork drinks with workmate always end with me very tipsy by eight p.m. Gooood times.

Two engagement party’s in one day, both between women who had used to live in my city, and had met guys from Melbourne. Both couples were not living here. One couple had moved away and the other woman had met her finance while living in London. He’s a stockbroker and from what I can tell, is living the life. So apparently have to marry a man from Melbourne if I ever wish to live elsewhere.

Girl’s night with ‘the girlfriends’. Been two in the last month or so. Both times we did dinner then headed out dancing. Good fun. Nice to just go out dancing with the ladies. Missed it!! Drinking and dancing the night away! No hunting for guys, the hook-ups ect. Just enjoying the music and not caring.
Ironically, during the second time we were out, we went to the exact same cultural pavilion that filmmaker and I had been to last year and had made fu n of the whole time and concluded the whole event was kind of lame.These girls loved it. I drank many rum punches and survived.
The other night we were out dancing, we went to the pub afterwards and met up with Scottish friend!! She was in the country a couple of weeks but sadly was spending most of it with her family at their cabin. But we made the most of our time. Dinners at some of my favourite restaurants, (we are both foodies now!) much wine, cava, martinis and good times all around. We went back to our old haunt, where Thursday night girl’s night first started and it was horrible! But we had to go for nostalgia’s sake but we definitely will not be back. The boy got to meet her and we had some pretty late weekday nights and hard mornings. But it was all worth it!! I’m sad she’s gone back but she’s vowed to make trips out a yearly event and I hope she does. I had really missed our girls nights out, conversation, shenanigans and just her friendship in general. She made the city bearable for me when I was doing my classwork.
The boy and I caught several fringe shows and I went and saw one with my mother. The weather was fairly good so much patio drinks were had.
The boy and I have been fairly good about getting up earlyish and heading out to the farmers market on Saturday morning. It’s become a favourite tradition of mine. I love love looking at all the fresh produce and everybody coming together to look. The boy and I usually grab some brunch too. Mmmmh. Plus delicious baked hard to resist it all!!
Continue to do free yoga at the park on Thursdays, the boy’s mother is often there so we have a bit of a chat too. I love doing sun salutations to the sun!! Once this ends I am seriously buying a package so I can do yoga at least once a week. Especially once winter hits, doing a hot yoga session on a Saturday morning would definitely be needed. (as long as I wasn’t out too too late the night before...)
August long went to the lake for an annual tradition with some of the boy’s friend’s. Most of them live out of town but for the past seven or so years they try to get together at one of the friend’s cabin at the lake. Lots of vino, hummus, pita, chocolate fondue (complete with fountain!) the boy’s famous salsa, conversation, laughter, sitting on the beach and swimming. I also got to know some of the boy’s friend’s a bit more intimately. The boy has a variety of friend’s but generally I meet a lot of them at large gatherings and I don’t have an opportunity to get to know these people which can be frustrating, considering several of t hem live outside the province and/or country. So I was able to actually get to know a couple of his friends in one on one conversations and I really enjoyed that. I got up early one morning and went swimming and felt so refreshed after. Made me want to do that every morning! Alas no room for a pool at the house...
Did drinks with a coworker’s boyfriend...good fun. We ended up talking from hours. I have found another person to join my ‘I hate this city and I’m just going to complain about it’ group. We’ve also been doing many caffeine runs. Been so tired lately. Text from a friend one day in the a.m.
‘Who were you walking with down the street? He looked hot!!
Uhhhh that was just workers boyfriend.
Way to ruin the fantasy!!

One weekend the boy and I had both a dinner for his brother’s birthday and a dinner for my sister’s birthday. Luckily on two different nights. But it certainly was a family weekend. So many family events when in a relationship. I’ve always felt like I’ve had to double duty with a lot of my parent’s family in the city but now it’s even more with the boy and his divorced parents. Oh well, it was lobster birthday with the boy’s family and they had ice cream I could actually have. Oh ice cream how I miss you.

Monday and Thursday I played my usual ultimate games. Monday was insanely hot playing in plus thirty degrees with humidity. Survived it somehow. I subbed in on the boy’s team on Wednesday. Nice to play on a team that wins consistently but their team morale sucks and they were very shouty in a negative way. Much prefer my other teams. May play this fall. It’s basically six weeks, playing two nights a week with the same team. Intense, short season, but since my job situation is uncertain and I have yet to pick out a new gym, this may be good for me.
Tuesday was my night, while the boy did his weekly dinner with his brothers. Which is my reading, artsy crafty, wine night in. (if I haven’t made other plans which I generally don’t, kind of nice to have one night a week like that) I try and avoid the computer unless it’s to write. This is me getting caught up on reading and getting more into my creative side.
Before ultimate on Thursday, I had drinks with an old classmate and some others from my programme and I realized how much I missed it. Being in that crowd. Talking about work that I might actually enjoy doing. Not the mindlessness that my job has turned me into. I really want to get back into it. I think I said that months ago but with the whole moving out thing, I tried to hold onto my job as long as possible, doing various jobs, sometimes week to week, which was frustrating but for what I was earning in a familiar environment, when so many people are jobless, well, I wasn’t going to turn that down. But it was my last day on Friday and I think I am okay with that. I can finally focus back on my academics and career. Besides, since last September I have not had seven straight days off work. I really need that.

So yes, enjoyable afterwork wine and when I told old classmate I had to go. He looked at me strangely and said, so you’ve played twice already this week, you did yoga at lunch, you came straight afterwork here to do drinks and now you are headed to ultimate again?! You are busy!! Uhhhh yes? I hadn’t thought I was but according to workmate I apparently am? Don’t think so. I think he’s still in thesis mode where all his free time was dedicated to finishing the damn thing. (which he did damn him) Hopefully we are getting to get together with classmates from our year soon.

Friday was...loooooong.

I had set my alarm for six. In the morning. I had been planning to leave for work by six-thirty, walk there and get a bunch of stuff before everybody came in and the photocopier started up. I woke up at ten to six to a massive thunderstorm. The boy was also woken up and had to run around closing windows. When he got back I poked him and asked for a ride to work...he groaned but agreed. Which meant extra time in bed. Score. Or so I thought. We were leaving the house at ten to seven, I was out of the house, the boy had his hand on the doorknob and he turned to me and said,
I hope you have your keys with you.
Uh no. I left them at work yesterday. Remember I told you that? Ummm why?
I just left all my keys in the house.
So it’s raining and we are locked out of the house. The boy called a cab so we could pick up my keys from work. While waiting I was struck by a horrible horrible stomach ache. My body sometimes reacts to food randomly and I had no idea what set me off this time. All I knew was that I was in pain and I really needed to use the washroom.

Which I could not.
Because we were locked out.
Ten horrible minutes later we get into the cab but not before we literally had to wade through a massive puddle because our street looked like a lake and I lost my flip flop and had to go back for it.

Soaked I demanded the cab driver find me the nearest public restroom. Which turned out to be in the hospital.

We finally get to my work, I grab the keys without any further incident. The boy said a morning like this is why we should never get up this early.

All of this happen before seven-fifteen.

It was going to be a long day.

I posted it on facebook and the boy’s mother simply said,
Friday the 13th
And suddenly it all made sense.

The rest of my Friday turned out to be not that bad. I got everything done and was not rushed for the rest of the day. Plus I got a free green tea lemonade because they made it wrong. Sweet. I live on those things.

Friday evening was good fun. We met up with two of the boy’s friends, a couple who live outside of the city. They are vegan and it was an excellent opportunity to check out the new vegan burger place. Good conversation and excellent food, followed by gelato I could actually eat! (this is why I love eating out with vegans and vegetarians!) Followed by a couple bottles of wine at our house and hilarious stories till one a.m. A lovely night and a good end to a bad start of a day. I really got to know his friend’s better and now that the wife is going to be staying in the city after he leaves (she’s doing an internship and she’s finishing up her phd) I am hoping to get to know her better.

Saturday I was largely indecisive when I got up as we did not bother with the farmers market because we are going away next week. So ended up just walking down the street to one of my favourite reliable places for breakfast. (have I mentioned how much I love this area?!) We grabbed the car and the boy dropped me off at my favourite used bookstore to meet up with workmate. There was an artsy craftsy sale going on and we wanted to check it out. I scored a tardis patch and some lovely homemade creams and lip balms, which listed all the ingredients. More about that later. After we had some tea and cookies. I walked over the library and tried looking for books for my trip but could not find too much. A trip to the bookstore is in my future! I couldn’t find much at the used bookstore either! So wrong! I wanted to spend money! I wanted books to read when I actually have the time!

The boy was still out with a friend when I got back, so I worked on super secret project till he got home. We relaxed a bit then headed over to B’s birthday bbq. Which wasn’t so much outside thanks to the endless amount of rain. I hadn’t seen B or that lot much outside of ultimate so it was an alright evening. Afterwards, around tenish or so, we headed back to our house. Our neighbours, whom are friend’s through the art community with the boy’s aunt, had invited us over for a house party.

And what a party it was.

We got there just as the band they had stuck in the living room was starting up. Awesome music. Have to find out how they spelt the band’s name so I can see them play next time. After we headed outside and talked around the firepit. Drinking wine and watching the antics of our hostess who was hilarious. Our neighbours also have a hottub. Which everybody started going into. Some naked.

The boy and I were eventually persuaded to ‘get in’. As we were able to grab our bathing suits next door, we had no excuses. (not that it mattered to some of the people there)

Next thing I know, I’m crammed in a hottub with some of the city’s most creative people, filmmakers, artists, dj’s...and our hostess is pouring vodka down my throat, then the wine from a box, which our slightly tipsy host, was trying to aim at our mouths...all the while still drinking our regular drinks.

Then it was barbeque time and burgers at like two a.m. The boy left around two thirty or so and I ended up staying close to four and outlasted our hostess. But even when I left there was still a crowd there.

Despite the fact that I knew almost no one there it was an awesome time.

Of course when i got home, not so much. I decided to have a shower because of the whole hot tub naked people thing. After several glasses of water and a sandwich, I felt I had staved off a hangover. Naked in my bathroom, I took a step into my shower and promptly fell over.
Note, being still kind of tipsy, naked and having pools of water around from wet bathing suits, is probably not a good combination.
The boy heard the crash and of course immediately rushed in and couldn’t stop laughing at my undignified position.
My ankle is still sore.

Today I was feeling it a bit and woke up far too early so I’ve been rather lazy. The boy and I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon, snuggled in, having tea, watching movies and eating a baguette.

Oh I have been doing what seems like endless amounts of laundry. Endless.

Tomorrow tea with sister and mother afterwork, heading to the bookstore to stock up on books and packing for my week away! It shall be my first proper vacation since Edmonton last year and my first official vacation with the boy. I might see some friends who have moved out that way and the newest addition to their family and the boy has a friend who is coming out our way to say hi. Really really looking forward to vacation. So last minute too! The boy is working for two and a half days of it, but I love exploring on my own, especially somewhere I have not been before. Plus staying at a nice hotel and the boy is covered by work and he’s flying me out on his airmiles. We are going to be renting a car and doing some hiking and hopefully wine tasting!!
One last random story. So while at the crafty artsy event I got to talking to one of the people selling items. It was all natural girlie lotions and potions, none of which was made from any animal or animal by product and it was all so very delicious smelling. I thought she looked familiar but not being brave I said nothing. Mistake. I also made some inane comment about not being sure about vegan toothpaste. Which sounded stupid as soon as I said it.
So we get to the party last night, go watch the band and I see her. I lean over to the boy and say, that’s her, the woman today at the bookstore. He turns back to me and says, uuuuh, that’s our hostess, our neighbour. Which shows you just how completely clueless and horrible with faces I am. She was sorta really tipsy later on when we were talking and then in the hot tub, so I don’t think she remembered me from earlier that day...I hope.
She did call us the best neighbours ever. I just hope we keep getting invited to their parties and don’t actually have to listen to them from our house. I am down with that. I loved their house so much, filled with artwork...and I’m off. More laundry awaits.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lovely weekend. Went over to M’s on Friday night with another friend . She had five different kinds of cheese and French baguettes and I had three different kinds of wine and flight of the conchords. Delicious and funny times. Wasn’t home till close to three.

Saturday we woke up fairly earlish for us and headed out to the farmers market. Well, we had a pit stop in between. Namely a flat tire. The boy taught me how to change a flat then we brought it over to a nearby garage. The tires were fairly new so we were pretty sure all the tire needed was a patch. While they were looking at it, we headed over to the market and had a fun time, snacking on free samples, having delicious farmers sausage and buying fresh produce. Love doing it! We generally circle around once, see what’s there and then circle around again.

One of these days I am going to get there early, even if it kills me. There is a much better selection the earlier you go. I am just not a morning person and if I don’t ‘have to be’ up, why would I be? Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the boy exact same way and we would both rather just lie in bed together just a ‘little bit longer.’ (cue us pounding the snooze button like twenty times this morning-arg Mondays)

Afterwards went back to the garage and the tire was salvageable. Hurrah! After another wait, he dropped me off at the used bookstore and went off to do manly things at home depot, while I cruised the books. I walked back home and stopped at the l.c along the way and got some oh so classy wine in a can because I had company and I knew she would be amused. K and I caught up for the rest of the afternoon/evening and yes she was amused by the canned wine. The boy had been doing renovations in the basement and I was pretty chill, so we ended up just catching a late film, then going out for wine and crab cakes afterwards. It was nice to do something sort of ‘datey.’ Every once in awhile, even on a budget, it is nice to dress up a bit and go do date type things.

For some reason though, I couldn’t sleep and fell asleep in an uncomfortable position when I finally did. The next day I was up early though. Well early for me. Nine thirty and didn’t actually move out of the bed till around elevenish.

We had phoned a pub to see if they would be showing the World Cup and they said they would be. So since we love their brunches, we decided to walk down there for brunch. Just a fourty five minute walk and it was a beautiful sunny day. Only once we got there they had a note saying there had been an equipment function. Wtf is that? So we had to quickly phone our friends, who luckily happened to be staying with their parents near by, but had just woken up and they drove us all down to the backup pub. Surprisingly not that busy and far too many Spanish fans. I think the bar tender jinxed the team when he saw my shirt and said, ‘You do realize the irony of the Netherlands winning in South Africa of all places’

Since Spain didn’t score till the 116th minute, it was a long afternoon…and more then a couple of drinks and so it was a lot of fun. The only bad part was we had intended to do plenty of house/shopping things and by the time we got home it was almost four-thirty. Just enough time to hit up home depot again and do grocery shopping for the next week. Then the boy decided he was in charge of lunches this week and made most of our lunches for the week.

I was positively lazy and watched the Tudors while doing practical computer things that I have been meaning to do for ages. Like organize all my photos from the last five years and try to delete duplicates. Organize my itunes and make sure they all have names and artists and create new playlists. Finally I attacked my personal email account. It’s my oldest account. I first opened it up in like 1999 or something like that as part of an assignment for a computer course I was taking. Despite the fact that I am supposed to be an archivist someday, I still occasionally let it get out of control and then have to spend an hour or two, sorting, organizing and deleting. It’s not the answering people that I find the problem, it’s the after part and since it’s not my work email, I don’t find it quite as urgent to do. I was exhausted Sunday evening and in bed by eleven, so that was all I could manage.

I also reffed a mini fight that broke out on my facebook between two random people I have on facebook. One guy I interned with and the other I used to work with in high school and later met again at a history conference. Slightly intense, well as intense as football debates can get, over my comment about the Spanish being excellent at acting and diving. Oh yes. I went there.

All around good weekend. Nothing crazy but still fairly busy. I feel accomplished.
Tonight I have ultimate and I will on Thursday as usual. Last week we lost both our double headers but on the second game we managed to come back from 8-2 at half to loose by 12-15 at the end. So it felt like a come back victory.

The bruise came and spread a little bit to one eye, which kinda just makes me look really really tired and puffy.

Practical cleaning things must be done this week and I am hoping to get back into the exercise video and buy a new one and a new bike!

Oh beginning of the week. It looks like so much can be done.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Got hit in the nose with a fast flying Frisbee last night. Have to admit, it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences. It has puffed up a bit today and I shall be getting ice from the Starbucks as apparently it can still bruise within fourty-eight hours. Boo hiss hiss. Especially after I got eaten alive camping and the bites have still not gone down.

The boy has an annual camping trip with his friends and this year I went along. I have to admit in the last hmm ten years or so, I think I’ve been camping twice. Both were for short periods of time, like two days and one was for a music festival which is an entirely different experience then regular camping. I went a lot as a kid but it has been awhile. I have been spoiled by friends with cabins. I get nature, without the tent. We arrived Wednesday night at one a.m after running around the city all night, doing errands and stopping in at a birthday party and stayed till Sunday lunchtime at which time, I said if I get one more mosquito bite/black fly bite, we are leaving. A minute later we started packing up. I admit, I am a bit more girlie then I thought I was.

The five days out involved some swimming, some reading, a lot of eating, fires, alcohol, card games, chatting, slapping of mosquitoes, making of sangria, some laughing, making bannock and of course the annual ‘Growers Challenge’ (who can drink a two litre of cider the fastest…my boyfriend got third…apparently it’s a challenge because it tastes so bad…I was the only one who thought so, possibly because I used to get drunk on cider back in the U.K and pft, only seven percent)

Tonight I am headed over to M’s for a movie/wine/cheese/catch up night. She is dating a friend of mine J, and I am still trying to walk a fine line there and not be nosy. (and trying not to get caught in the middle in case things go wrong-they are from separate friend groups) But so far it seems to be going well and hope it will continue to do so.

J actually came over on Wednesday to help with some electrical stuff we needed to do, including doing some rewiring so we could hook up the laundry machine. Woot, I am this close to being able to dry my jeans again. We paid him in beer and pizza and had a nice time chatting till midnight. M wants to do a ‘double date’ soon. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a ‘double date’ hmmm.

Tomorrow, I hope to get up early and hit up the farmers market. I love farmers markets. I love just looking around and drooling. Also checking out a massive used book sale, possibly with a friend then catch up with K, whom I haven’t seen in forever. Boooo. The boy is probably spending the day doing home renos, (after the farmers market) instead of working at work. I also hope to get a bunch of house things done this weekend, plus some reading and writing and get back into my thirty day shred workout. Arg. camping derailing me.

Free yoga at lunch outside at the park on Thursday. I love being able to do sun salutations to the sun! The boy’s mother and cousin have also been coming, so that has been nice. I really do miss yoga and wish I could do it more often, but it is quite pricey, especially the hot yoga.
Been really enjoying walking home from work everyday. I haven’t been making it out to the gym due to it being on the other side of the city, which sucks but with the weather so beautiful it is hard to motivate myself to go to a dark, dimly lit gym. Instead I’ve been walking way more often, including from work, doing my usual lunch time walking, running errands that I can walk to, that thirty day shred video and ultimate at least two times a week. A couple of weekends ago the boy and I both had appointments downtown and we walked to them, then run some more errands, checked out a festival type thing and walked back. We had afterwork drinks one Friday and I had my laptop so I walked home first to drop it off and then walked back and everybody was amazed I would spend that time walking. I am hoping to find a reasonably priced gym near by, but with the job situation so uncertain I find it hard to commit to a new gym.

Next weekend we have two engagement parties on the same day plus the boy’s annual guys steak night (which would take a natural disaster/death in family to miss) and the counter girls night out. Hoping to do drinks with former workmate soon but I swear we have opposite schedules.

Almost time to go and I have wine to buy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Saturday we moved in. Then we had a bubblebath in the massive tub with jets. On Sunday we walked to the local coffeeshop/used bookstore and got tea and lunch and a treat and unpacked. Monday was ultimate and more unpacking. Tuesday, after work, I walked to the herb gardens and got more herbs, I walked to Safeway and got groceries and I walked home. Then my mother came buy with a planter and we planted some of the herbs Brussel spouts. (my mother got them for the boy as he loves them and I have issues with them) Last night I walked home again then met up with Noah and his friends and had a prep session for Canada Day long weekend. This morning I came to work an hour early and left the house at twenty after seven. I am enjoying living so centrally. I am enjoying making my own space. I am enjoying the fact that we will have internet tonight.

I am not enjoying the fact that I am off to the lake this weekend for father’s day. While I want to of course visit my father on father’s day, the whole weekend with my family in a small tiny cabin, is not what I consider fun family time. The boy can’t even sleep with me as there is just no room and it would just be too weird if we shared the bottom bunk and my sister slept on top or we got the living room fold out couch. Luckily the boy’s stepfamily has a cabin up there and he will be staying there. At least he is coming up for part of the weekend before he heads back to the city to run the relay in the marathon.

Ah well. I am off to go make sure we have internet!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Madness

Actually no madness. It just has two m’s.

Just sat outside at a nearby park and read at lunch today. Nice to do so before the mosquitoes come.

First Monday night ultimate game of the year. Brother dear and his girlfriend are on the team. Should be fun. Although I just about died during our first Thursday night team game last week. Not so bad on Wednesday when I subbed in on the boy’s Wednesday night team but some of the players were better and there was less running. Also, we won Wednesday and lost horribly on Thursday.

Pretty chill weekend. The boy and I had sushi on Friday then went for a two hour walk around and into Little Italy. After went to my favourite bar to listen to three bands. M’s friends were in the first one and despite their music being the most random and perhaps not as good, they really had the best stage presence and they were tons of fun. Sadly the boy and I only lasted till around one or one thirty…I am so old!

Saturday, the boy did soccer practice and I did cleaning. Then he decided to surprise me for the rest of the day.

(I was pretty down because it was a gorgeous weekend and I was supposed to be at the cabin but B cancelled the cabin trip but then oh decided to go again, but with just the guys…and all I could think was that I could have been at the cabin swimming and reading by the dock, sipping wine-yes I could have gone to my parents but I would have had to have gone up with my mother and the dog and spending that much time with my parents without siblings, is not remotely relaxing)

We ran a couple of errands and then we went to look at laptops. He is determined that I just get one already. Hurrah for tax returns. Looking at the prices he decided and managed to convince me that it would be just cheaper to buy the model online and get it shipped out as opposed to buying it at the store. It really was, so I got the better laptop for much cheaper with free shipping. I think this is step one to getting out of my rut.

Afterwards we just kept driving and the boy refused to tell me where. So we ended up playing the ‘we are going to the farm to tip cows aren’t we’ game, You know, the one where you pass by random places and say, yes we are going there and then you do one too many and you say it sarcastically but it turns out you are actually going there and you ruined the surprise with your sarcasm.

But it didn’t quite go that far.

Ended up at the beach. There were a few brave swimmers. I got my feet in the sand and in the water and we walked around, he got ice cream and then we read the paper on the beach.

Pretty nice surprise. This was the boy attempting to make up for the fact that I did not get to go to the lake.

We stopped in on the way back for ‘world famous hotdogs’. I did not find them world famous and think someone should say something. We also walked around a bit then hit up the arcade. The boy played one of those old school shoot em up games and I played several pinball games. I love pinball. Have loved it since I was a kid and we were up at the lake and my dad would take me and my siblings to the old arcade so give my mom some peace and quiet. After all that we took a long windy drive along the river and saw all the really rich homes people had built out in the RM. Really nice rich homes. Who lives in these things?? Dammit. I want one.

Got back just in time to change and then I headed to a friend’s divorce party. Only stayed for around an hour and a half before heading over to check out a friend’s new apartment. Had some wine /girlie movies/t.v shows and a catchup till past two in the morning, good fun. I like her new place. It is sort of creepy though because it’s about a ten minute walk from the house I grew up in and moved out of when I was eight. So she didn’t even have to give me directions, I knew exactly where her apartment building was. She suggested I move into her end of the city but no. The next time I move, it is going to be somewhere central, not out in the heart of the burbs.

Sunday was lazy. Went over to a friends place in the afternoon. She was out gardening most of the day so I checked out what she had been up too. Shared a bottle of wine. Then she gave me a bottle of white because she is not a white fan. Score! Then the boy had a meeting that evening (besides the one he had already had at lunch) so I made dinner then went for a two hour walk with his roommate and showed him the boy’s new house. We stopped for tea along the way which was nice. The boy texted me he was on his way because I had his keys and had to let him in, so he ended up picking us up so we didn’t quite finish our walk which would have taken at least another half hour, fourty-five minutes. Walked the whole evening in a skirt and a tank top and was not even cold. I

So all in all, a pretty chill weekend but got out and enjoyed the weather.

Next step.


This week, just the usual ultimate games. His Wednesday team was trying to recruit me…but not sure…I do like actually being out and about doing non sports related things during the week…like drinking…okay you do that with ultimate too…but the first involves no exercise before you get the alcohol.

Probably doing whine and wine with a friend. Should be nice Long weekend this weekend but nothing big planned. Booo. The boy and I were thinking of something but it would just be too late minute. Perhaps the weekend after the long weekend though. When places are not quite so filled up.

Wine fest was fun. Good group of people. But hard to keep a group of about ten people in one spot, so we mostly just split up. Got made fun of for taking notes so stopped and then ended up drinking probably a bit more because I wasn’t stopping to take notes. Stupid friends.

Ultimate party and practise were good. Brother dear and girlfriend showed up for the practice. They are already better at it then me.

Went to the boy’s grandmother’s birthday. It was Chinese which I am not a fan of, nor does it agree with me at all but it was still nice. Best part was the lemon poppyseed cake afterwards at her apartment.

Couple of Fridays ago it was just going to have one drink afterwork with a friend but it turned into a bottle of red, and just one tapa which turned into three and dinner and one more drink and then she missed her bus so that meant one more drink. Boy was out and about but after tipsily running a couple of errands, I was back by a little after ten and content to be so. Saturday usually errands, cleaning, ect, then walk with a friend for a couple of hours and movie night with the boy.

Friday, April 30, 2010

It is Friday finally. I had one of those weeks where I felt like it should be one day ahead. Today I woke up thinking it was Saturday. Alas it was not. Luckily the boy snuggles into me when our alarm goes off and we generally have a ten or fifteen minute ‘us time’ before I finally get up and make breakfast and I am generally less grumpy in the mornings when we do this, then when I am living with my parents. Weird.

Week was good. Last Friday was the usual afterwork drinks with the gang. Then I watched the boy at an ultimate practise in a park near by, then we did drinks with the team. After that we went and saw a Swedish film based on a popular book that I knew the boy would enjoy. Go me. It was my pick and he loved it.

Saturday we got up stupidly early for the bike auction. I realized an hour in that I could not actually spend two hundred bucks on a bike there because I knew nothing about bikes and if that would be worth it or not. Oh well. At least I know what it is like now. Following that we looked at other bikes at the shops then had brunch. Then read the Saturday paper, and the boy went to work and I went to have my first gelati of the season with hometown friend, followed by the gym. Then we had dinner and got ready to go to a indie label release, with one of my favourite local artisits. Good times and I ran into political friend. (used to work with me and now has a way better job where she is super happy, we bonded over being so close to the photocopier and she is a way better cubical buddy then the person now)

She said something really nice yesterday. She pointed us out to her friends at the show and said, ‘look there’s my friend and her boyfriend. They look so cute dancing and I love that they are dancing like they don’t care. ‘

The boy of course immediately took it as, we were dancing really badly.

But you know what? So what if we were. We were ‘on a date’ and yah, dancing to the music and into it and not into whoever was there. We were just there to have fun and listen to music we enjoy and we did that till two a.m.

I am not one of those people that go to a show or the bar to be seen. I go to have fun and dance the night away. Oh and yes, occasionally get rather tipsy. But just not as much lately. I really do enjoy just going for a show and having a couple of drinks.

Sunday was lazy. Did manage to get some cleaning done and go to the mall for some new ballet shoes for work and get some books from the massive used booksale.

I went home on Monday, as it had been two weeks since I had spent a night at home.

Tuesday the boy and I went to our favourite bistro to try out the new spring menu. It was delicious. Plus I had made reservations, so we got our favourite spot at the ‘chef’s table’. On Wednesday hometown friend came over and we caught up over tea. Yesterday met up with political friend over some wine afterwork. Good fun as always. It amazes me what she has done in her life. Got married around twenty-five, had two kids, moved away, came back, got divorced, put herself through university while still supporting two small children and bought a house and still loves to go out and party.

I can only hope at thirty-one I will have that much energy!

Tonight we are meeting up afterwork for dinner and then about nine of us are headed to wine fest. Should be good fun. Saturday is an ultimate practise then the team party, which according to B, no one has said they are not coming to. Even brother dear and his lady friend are coming. Sunday is the boy’s grandmother’s birthday at some sort of Chinese restaurant. Busy weekend but should be nice if everything works out.

And I’m off…

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bits and Bites

It has been awhile. I keep meaning to update and well then I just never do.
Not a full update, just bits and bites that are somewhat organized.

It has been one of the nicest, hottest springs that I can remember after living here most of my life.

Job hunting. Term contract ends soon.
Probably a good thing.
Not in terms of money and trips and summer coming up but in terms of doing actual work and my own mental stability.
Would like something in my field.
If not, may be a good time to focus on my thesis while continuing to job hunt.

The boy and I are thinking about a trip to Europe.
I still dream of South America but he is not too excited.
So tempted if I do not get my job renewed or a new job to just say ‘fuck it’ and head off to South America. Go into debt a bit, whatever. It would be worth it.
Still feeling stuck. Or maybe it’s living in this city that does it to me.
I mean really, moving in with my boyfriend? Isn’t that the opposite of everything I wanted to do in life?
I suppose if there is one thing I’ve learned over the past year, is never judge, as you might wind up in the exact same situation and really you never know.

The Boy
Valentine’s Day was lovely. Dinner at nice bistro and mimosa’s and roses for breakfast.
Have officially spent one entire week at the boy’s, bordering on two.
One reason for this is I am getting extremely lazy about lugging my stuff back and forth.
Don’t really like his house. Not near anything but in general it is in a more central area.
His roommate is super nice.
But arg. House dirty. Both never clean. *sigh* So yes, I end up cleaning up a lot of the time because I do have more free time then the boy.
The boy is buying a house soon for business purposes. Business and living combo in the hippie area of the city.
He wants me to move in.
I am not sure.
Pro and Con list is too long for this entry.
I still like doing laundry at my parents place. Plus I pay rent there. I usually score leftover or things my brother does not want to eat, aka healthy.

Lots and lots of family things times three.
Cousin’s eighth birthday, then it was Passover with his family, then Easter with mine, we still have to do a belated Easter with the other half of his family….
His grandmother’s birthday is coming up and so is my grandparents birthday and mother’s day and my oma’s birthday and then father’s day, where we apparently all have to trek out to the cabin for the weekend.
My mother is not adjusting well to the fact, that we do all have our own lives and that it is not just about the five core family members anymore.
Great Grandmother’s 90th Birthday on the weekend, which involved much family. We all trekked out to a very small town and had the party in the basement of the Catholic Church.
Grandparents decided to embarrass the boy and I and bring the latest clipping of him in the newspaper and show it around to all of the relatives. Apparently am dating a minor city celebrity? Think not.
The boy drove the sister and I out and added in my brother for the way back.
The boy says we regress into children when the three of us are together.
We played our standard road trip games which included the Alphabet game. We had to name Countries and then Cities in North America (which ended up being small towns in my province after we had a fight if small towns counted or not) and movies and t.v shows.
The boy joined in.
We also stopped in to see his relatives in a bigger town, who own a lovely old Victorian home, with all of that beautiful wood panelling. Envious! They gave us alcohol, which was awesome because the family event was dry. ARG. That never happens on the boy’s side. Of course the last time a family member had a cash bar, my dad and his cousin were super classy and snuck in alcohol from their rooms into the reception.

Caught up with one of those people who you know via the internet, or feel like you know each other but in reality you probably haven’t seen each other in like five years. Which was the case in our case.
Which reminds me, I have to facebook her soon…
Tonight is catchup drinks with radio friend. Woot, patio drinks.
Hometown friend went back to Geneva. Was utterly envious. Still doing our weekly tea/wine dates.
Playing on two ultimate teams this year. Both of my friend’s are captains and the boy is on both, Monday and Thursdays.
Am hoping it will keep me very fit.
Brother dear and his girlfriend are on the Monday night team.
All I have heard about for the past month on walks with B at lunch is ultimate and the partys and the practises.
Am currently worried about B for other reasons. I am glad he has a good support network and good friends. He had only told me originally but he finally told his other closest friend.
Hopefully getting out to the cabin in May…
Been doing afterwork Friday drinks with a workmate more often but alas she has left for greener pastures. Booo hiss hiss
One of my favourite bands is playing this weekend! Woot! The boy and I are going as soon as I get tickets!
Had my first patio drink of the season on Easter Monday with B.
Roller Derby was all sorts of awesome.
Wine fest coming up, going with the Boy and four other friends…looking forward to it!! Not happy Australian wines are being featured because since my London days of one pound Australian wine, I have been very much off it.
One couple who is coming along was surprised that it’s all the wine you can drink for three hours. Apparently they had thought it was like the beer festival where you have to buy tickets for each sampling. Uh no. Besides, it’s hard enough to get to all of the booths in one night. Again, I love it because people in my city are super cheap and even the wine snobs will be getting their forty-five bucks worth and not spitting.
Sister and I have promised each other we will go out more often together. Her boyfriend is a band teacher/jazz musician and I’ve got to a couple of gigs of his where he has subbed in.
The boy and I have been enjoying going to a hotel bar on Friday or Saturday and listening to whatever jazz/latino band/player they have on.
The boy and I have also been enjoying various restaurants in the city. We have checked out almost all of the restaurants on our list.
Have discovered a new bistro that we love and is now our backup, when can’t get reservations at nine-thirty on a Friday night so we are going there because we go so often that the chef knows us now.

Physical Activity
I’ve been bad since Easter, not going nearly as much-lots of family stuff interfering
Luckily ultimate starts soon. Two nights a week…arg. Even bought cleats
Hopefully buying a bike this weekend at an auction!
Been going for runs through one of the richest neighbourhoods in the city
I make up stories about rich people and murder for all the houses that have round windows or are dutch colonial in style as that means they are evil
I did a late run around eleven at night and discovered ‘make out point’ for the teenagers in the area and crashed all their private time.
Great deal going on at a hot yoga place. Forty bucks for a month when it is normally 150 as long as it is your first time. I really enjoyed it and so did the boy. But I just can’t afford that much every month. Four months at my uni gym costs less then that!
Might just do karma yoga as it costs less and all the money goes to charity…
Do enjoy yoga. Was doing it through work but couldn’t do it for the new session because of job uncertainty.

Proper entry...soon?

Friday, February 12, 2010

I keep starting entries then I never finish them. Hmmm maybe I need a new blog with a new start. Transfer over some articles and voila, new blog.

Am tentatively planning trips. Boy suggested we do a trip together in about six months…we are debating about where…(like do we go back to Europe even though both of us have lived in Europe in various places and traveled to various places, do we go back overlap, visit friends…or go to an entirely different continent.

Also thinking another city with one friend or another.

At the cabin with the boy last weekend. Did drinks after work with workmates. Good fun. Got a wee bit tipsy. But lack of managers made everyone really let it all out. Also loved the pub, one of my fave places in Winnipeg to go for live music.

The boy picked me up about eight and we headed straight out to the cabin. Unpacked, hungout, then the boys played a nerdy game and I went to sleep early as I had gotten a horrible sleep the night before. Ever keep waking up thinking you should be up way before you set your alarm? Yah, that was me all night. Fun, hanging out, walking in the snow, drinking, reading, watching the snow fall…my kind of weekend.

Mussels with the boy this week. Yum.

Dinner with radio friend. We got free mussels because our seared tuna was late. We didn’t even complain. We just got them. I love wine Wednesdays. Then to the pub to crash a philosophy jam. Interesting times…

Last week workmates and I checked out a new place for lunch. Been meaning to go there for brunch for ages. There is no menu. What they make changes day to day, so you never know what you are going to eat when you go there. Results were delicious.

Drinks afterwork today with friends. Then B and I are probably hanging out. Or the lot of us might head over to friend’s of ours. The boy is off to the lake with the guys. Tomorrow plan on being somewhat productive and doing things like laundry. I quite enjoy clean clothes. Then naughty bingo with an old friend. Sunday the boy comes back and apparently he has plans…we shall see…

It’s Friday.


Sunday, January 24, 2010


It is almost gone.

Time flies.

Far too fast.

Life is good, bad and mixed up.

Is there any other way to describe it?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Neil Gaiman and Tis the Season-I want a Nap

I saw Neil Gaiman again!! Woot woot! Twice now!! Got another picture too! Saw him do a reading! He walked right by me!!! Such an honestly lovely person, signing for hours. I loved his reading and his impression of a bear, which I think is kind of Russian sounding. I now own a hardcopy of Fragile Things signed by him in 2006 and my old copy of Neverwhere, the first thing I ever read of his, that I got while living in London in 2005/2006. Which means a lot to me, because it allowed me to see London in a different way and hey, I was actually living at Earls Court at the time! So it was kinda special to get that copy signed.

Met up with an old friend whom I had not seen since the summer. Neil Gaiman is his favourite author of all time, and he was practically giddy. He was cute. Plus it was his birthday. Also ran into the boy’s roommate and hung out a bit with him and his friends. The boy eventually joined but alas it was too late, Neil himself had already done his reading and I was just waiting around to get my books signed. The boy went above and beyond. He is absolutely stressed right now and really did not have the time to wait around to drive me home but he did…am now giving one of my signed copies to him for Christmas. He is not such a huge fan but none the less a fan.

Other then that, life is hectic. Just bought my first couple of Christmas pressies today. My list is long and has not gotten any shorter. Friday I celebrated Hanukah with the boy and his family (half Jewish) and Saturday helped to organize/bake/create his work party and made yummy mulled wine for it!! Seemed to be a success. Sunday we did wine tasting. A lovely way to spend a fucking cold Sunday. Weekend before that it was his friend’s birthday on Friday then my friend’s on Saturday and well that whole week was insane.

The Wednesday I met up with a friend of Cat’s from Edmonton who was in town for a drink. Then went to my favourite wine bar with radio friend and had a lovely if not kinda tipsy night out. Thursday was the big event where the boy was featured and then the weekend was birthdays…Basically I cannot believe it is Christmas next week and I just kinda want a nap and I haven’t even reported half of it.

Tis the season.

I want to sleep!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Procrastinating but at the same time...I like the idea of this.

I'm going to think about it then come back to it. Will have my year in review but also this is more a reflective piece...

"My challenge for you is to answer the following questions and declare 2009 complete. Rituals can be even more powerful when others can witness you. You are welcome to do this exercise privately, but I suggest sharing with a friend and/or posting your lists here. You are in good, safe company. (Feel free to post anonymously)

1. What do you want to acknowledge yourself for in regard to 2009?
(What did you create? What challenges did you face with courage and strength? What promises did you keep to yourself? What brave choices did you make? What are you proud of?)

2. What is there to grieve about 2009?
(What was disappointing? What was scary? What was hard? What can you forgive yourself for?)

3. What else do you need to say about the year to declare it complete?

Okay, the next step is to say out loud, "I declare 2009 complete!" How do you feel? If you don't feel quite right, there might be one more thing to say...

The final step is to consider your primary focus for the year to come. What is your primary intention or theme for 2009? Is it the year of joy? the year of self-care? the year of partnership? Stand up and say it proud, "2009 is my year of...."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Alive

I keep starting posts then never finishing them. Am alive. Am busy. Have not started xmas shopping yet. Am procrastinating. Am trying to think of thoughtful gifts. Am trying not to resort to gift certificates.

Am tired.

Used 'am' too much and it no longer makes sense to me.
Watched love actually with the boy and am happy.

Friday, November 20, 2009

On Passion, Ambition and Relationships

After my meeting with my supervisor the other day, I was ruminating on our conversation and trying to think of a rational thesis schedule that I could actually stick to and then I thought about our conversation over jobs…and I realized something.

I’m in a relationship.


Suddenly it is not so easy to just pack up and go. Yes, despite my family and friendship ties, I have never felt that I could not just pick up and go at moments notice. Hell, I’m afraid to get a mobile contract for a year because they are impossible to get out of if I got a job elsewhere. But somehow this time, things could be different…and yet…I don’t think I could ever limit myself.

My dream for years has been to work overseas. I realized how hard it would be to get into the foreign service and had more or less given up on that dream. But doing the internship and job in Geneva opened up new possibilities. I could work overseas and earn a decent salary! When I returned and told my supervisor of my direction in terms of where I wanted to go with my career. He replied that, that was great that I was willing to move for the right job. That many people were tied down with spouses, mortgages, children…that my lack of ties allowed me greater freedom to do more with my career and perhaps advance further.


This was over half a year ago, hell almost a year ago now. Suddenly I am in a relationship and I do have to consider my career and him.

Right, well it is a new relationship. It’s not like I’m married or have been together for how many years. I told him straight out when I was mulling over this, that I could not see myself giving up a career opportunity when I have spent so many years working towards it. He said while he could understand but at least I could tell him when I was applying for those sorts of jobs and we would have the discussion then. Right now the relationship is still quite new and the situation hypothetical.

The thing is I cannot see myself doing a long distance relationship. Nor can I see him doing one at this point in his life. He had one for years with a Spanish woman he met in Japan. At thirty I do not think he would want to do it again and honestly, I would not want to put him through it. As most contracts now a days with most international organizations are about two years, I really think that would be too long.

Yes, this is all rather hypothetical but still I have to keep this in mind. Again, I have just worked too many years to suddenly give up my dreams of working overseas again. I care for him and I feel that this relationship could potentially go somewhere but, if I gave up a career opportunity, something I had worked towards for years before I met him, would I not regret it?

I am reminded of this blog entry I found awhile ago.

At the time, I could not imagine so calmly breaking up and having a break up party, because each person chose to pursue their professional ambitions. All I could think was, did you ever really feel any sort of passion about this person? I do have to take his age into consideration, twenty-four. While at our age you certainly do not expect to end up with every person you date but still, I am not remotely romantic, in fact I would say the boy is more into that sort of thing then me, and even then I thought that was a bit…cold? I mean I agree with the article but not that tiny sentimental part of me. The following from the blog entry I agree with entirely.

“Different paths: sometimes two people who have a wonderful relationship feel that their lives are headed in different directions, and that by being in the relationship they are both being held back and holding the other person back. In this instance, it may make more sense for you to break up rather than keeping each other from doing what you want to do.”

At only twenty-four, you never want to regret that you did not do something. At twenty-four I had just ummm started grad school after living overseas for a year and a half. He had never even left the country till he embarked on his current adventures. The boy at that age had already lived in Japan. Cannot remember at what age he did his masters in Sweden…and that same year, at twenty-four, I would go and do a three month internship I Geneva, which would turn into nine months. But both the boy and I had that freedom to do those things. (minus the fact that he did start a relationship with the ex around the time he went to Sweden but they were fairly flexible)

In my entry earlier this year, I posted about this and about having passion.

I would say that the boy has a passion for what he does. His current passion, his company, keeps him here, with no possibilities of leaving at least for the next couple of years while he nurtures it. Judging by the amount of hours he puts into it, I know this is what he wants to do right now. His passion. I could never deny him that and don’t mind all the extra hours he puts into it. I in fact admire it.

Like me, he does not want to spend the rest of his life here and probably would not mind moving to another Canadian city or overseas, depending on jobs for him but not right now. While I could see myself moving away within the next year as soon as my thesis was finished.

I spoke of two my friends who did go off overseas and were both able to successfully maintain a relationship with someone back here and still able to follow their passion. One is married and the other is still with her boyfriend of how many years. Considering that my sister, the one who chose not to go overseas because of her boyfriend, is now the one who is currently single, I really think that says a lot about following your dreams and your passions, even when in a relationship.

It’s a lot to think about, especially when so early in a relationship but I realized that it is something that had to be addressed.

We have a lot of in common, a love of travel, a love of living overseas, we have both been with partners overseas, we both want to move away eventually, hell we would even want to live in the same area of the city. We both don’t watch a lot of t.v but like similar shows (flight of the conchords/arrested development/british t.v shows/the office) and similar books and in some respects a similar taste in music. Also, as shown by our Halloween Costumes this year a love of old films (he loved Arsenic and Old Lace) and obscure 1960’s t.v shows. (re Get Smart & the Avengers) He loves to cook and I don’t mind chopping things and doing dishes. We both do not drink coffee and like green tea. He likes to play sports and I don’t mind playing soccer and ultimate. (we did after all meet during dodge ball and get to know each other during Ultimate!) We both like going to the gym on a regular basis. We both love wine and want to learn more about it. (we are planning on doing some courses) We love cheese. We love freshly baked bread and fresh veg and olives and going to the Italian market for their deli meats. We love simple homemade pizzas rather then the pizzas they serve at most pizza places. We like going for walks. We agree on many political ideas. We’ve discovered a love of reading advice columns, not only to read about the wacky people out there but to find out what each other’s thoughts on a given situation are. Very enlightening. He has done a Master’s degree, I am currently working on one. His father did a master’s degree in history (despite the fact that he is now a lawyer) and his grandmother actually knows the professor in history who traumatized me in my third year. His undergrad is actually in history. (he switched from business mid way and his masters is actually something computer related)

With all that in common it makes it harder to think rationally on the subject. Especially when in the ‘honeymoon phase.’

Even so, with all of that, with all of that potential…right now I cannot see myself giving up my dreams. Selfish yes. But not anymore then me asking him to give up his own for mine. He is doing what he is passionate about right now and I deserve that same opportunity.

So if and when the time comes, we will have to have a discussion. We’ve already determined that. At thirty I think he would not be prepared to do the long distance thing again for the probably two years and I do get that because at twenty-six I would not be prepared to do it. Maybe half a year or a year max with visits. Maybe. Again, if and when the time comes, we will have to see where our relationship is and where is could go and where we want it to go. No simple answers but for something like this, perhaps, it should not be so simple.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I Procrastinate on a Monday.

Weekend was alright. Friday I had a doctor’s appointment right after work, the boy picked me up, we relaxed a bit and then he surprised me by taking me to a restaurant like a month ago I said I had wanted to go to. A yummy South American place, that just opened, good vibe, good food, we split a bottle of rose, had a traditional meat/seafood/rice dish and just well talked.

Fine we were utterly sappy and couply, sitting there with handholding and candlelight and everything *gag*

We were trying to do the dinner and a movie thing as we realized we have never done it since we started seeing each other. Not that I mind we avoided first date typical things. Of course we had also known each other for awhile by the time he finally got to asking me out and even then I thought it was purely as friends. I mean really, it took him all of dodgeball and almost all of ultimate to ask me out? What if I had not joined the team? Our mutual friend never mixes his friends. I tease him about this sometimes, his slowness in asking me out even when a couple of our friends had figured it out. (as usual I had remained oblivious) He just replies that obvious it was meant to work out since I did join the team and I did drop the other guy because of him…

Too late for the movie, so just grabbed my stuff and crashed at his place. Saturday was kinda lazy earlier in the day, streamed a couple episodes of the office and traumatized him by making him watch an entire jem episode. (he had no idea that I had the dvd’s) He had work to finish at the office and I had work I could pretend to be doing…then back to his place. B came by and we split a bottle of wine and caught up while the boy went to a meeting, then he came back and made some salmon for dinner. Headed out and saw a movie, that did not end till 1:30 in the morning. Not so good considering he still had to pack (for his conference thing in another province) and we were getting up at 7:30a.m. Drove the boy to the airport at eight-thirty and hung around till his flight was called. Ran into B who was picking up his girlfriend from her flight back. Then gym class. Followed by a distinct attempt to be productive but was so tired, it did not work.

Boy gets back on Friday. This week shall try and catch up on sleep. Go to the gym everyday, try to catch up on schoolwork, try and have my workplan for a new project that I am proposing (dear lord the other person will not do anything, it is all going to be me, I hate the office environment sometimes or a lot of times) and try to catch up with friends. Scottish friend from the land of Oz phoned last week was nice and had a drink after work with hometown friend too. Hope to text, M, cbc friend and sister dear this week and see whats up. Right before she left for vacation cbc friend was texting me to do something but between our schedules…damn boy. Payday drinks at the usual Mexican place this week with the gang. Have the boys car so will just drive it into work that day, have drinks, then head to my aunt and uncles whom I am cat/dog/hamster sitting for and then head to the airport. It’s going to be a long week. Is it the weekend yet?

Survived a two hour meeting with my supervisor. Promised some deliverables. Tried to get motivated. Then listened in on a paper presentation by a former classmate. Long day. May just do gym and get to bed early.

The fact that I read her blog when she was first actively blogging about her sex worker days makes me feel kinda old. As in would have been doing that during my undergrad days…anyways. Cool.